How to install ESXi/ vSphere in USB – EASY way!

Just wanted to share what I normally do when I need to reinstall/ install a new ESXi instance for my home lab.

Normally, you have to use Rufus or any tools that can create a bootable USB.

For me, I just use VMware Workstation to directly write to my USB. you just have to target the USB as the whole Physical Drive, mount the ISO, and install away!


  • Create VM
  • In the Wizard, use Entire Disk2015-07-06_19-05-44
  • WARNING: Make sure to target the correct disk. You can verify the Disk number in Computer Management. If you don’t check  – you might end up with a formatted System Disk.


  • After the wizard, install like you normally would.


  • Un-mount the USB – and plug it to your server!

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