NSX woes

Over the weekend, I wanted to try VMware’s SDN solution: NSX… and being the lazy guy that I am- i didn’t read any documentations before going thru the installation.
As result – installation wasn’t pretty. Here are the things that stopped me during the setup:

IP Pools for the Network Controller not being deployed
The IP Pool should relate to the dvPort Group that you chose. Also, the IP should have connection to the NSX Manager

Unable to prepare host / VIB Module for the agent is not installed
What ever i did – the agent just won’t start. Even the KB that points to the correct error didn’t help (KB 2053782)
Last resort, download and install vxlan.zip VIB manually.
1. Login to NSX Manager,
2. Go to https://NSX-IP/bin/vdn/vibs/5.1/vxlan.zip.
3. SCP to your host
4. Execute
~ # esxcli software vib install –depot=/tmp/vxlan.zip
5. No reboot required.

… I’ll be updating this page as go through the NSX setup.

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