Issue adding NSX-V Cloud-account to vRA8

Unable to validate the provided access credentials: Failed to validate credentials. Error: java.security.cert.CertificateException: No subject alternative DNS name matching <nsx> found. Cloud account: null Task: /provisioning/endpoint-tasks/d3f06b7ab13aec7559c1458d6fa20

Got the above error when trying to add NSX-V cloud-account to vRealize Automation 8.

Issue: it’s because the self-signed certificate of the NSX-V installation does not include SAN name in the properties.

Simple fix to get around this:

  • Login to NSX Admin console
  • Go to Manage -> SSL Certificates
  • Click Generate CSR
  • Fill-out the CSR and Check the Self-sign CSR
  • NOTE: MAKE sure to fill-out the common name with the FQDN of the NSX appliance.
  • Reboot the appliance and try again

Hope that helps!


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