Using vRealize Orchestrator to execute REST operation (MAKER IFTTT)

In this post, I’ll try to (quickly) document how to execute a REST operation using vRO (vRealize Orchestrator). For this example, I’ll be using IFTTT Maker event.

Things you need:

  • IFTTT Account (https://ifttt.com)
  • Configured Maker Channel
  • Configured vRealize Orchestrator


First, Add a REST Host Operation using vRO



After you’ve added the host, next step is to Add a REST operation



– Add your Security Key (from the Maker Channel)
– Add the required value1 key pair that you’ll be using.

For this example i’m using an Maker-to-IF channel which will send notification to my iPhone. Formatting is done thru ifttt.com


That’s it. After it’s done, just run the workflow Invoke REST operation and it will then ask you how many parameters you’ve declared on the Add REST operation workflow

Like below:





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