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Run Unifi Controller in Synology

Pre-requisite: Synology with Docker Package. NOTE: Im using an Intel based (x64) architecture. Depending on your box – you need to download the right container architecture Create Shared Folder where persistence will be saved. This will allow you to upgrade the UnifiController in the future without losing any of your data NOTE: I’ve made the permission to everyone all-access as i dont want to deal with pe
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Using VSCode to edit SOPS yaml

Long time no post – just a quick one on how to use VSCODE with editing YAML Problem If you’re reading this, you already know what SOPS is and is frustrated in editing YAML via traditional VIM or command line editor. This is extremely frustrating if you’ll be adding alot of YAML values. Solution In your command line, expose the following environment variables And proceed with your SOPS cli. Enjoy and
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Fix Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Supervisor Namespace not showing

Ok. so it’s been awhile since my last post and I just notice I have alot of stuff in my draft. Anyway, here’s a quick post on how to solve Supervisor Namespace not showing up in kubectl CLI when trying to login to TKGS. The issue: if you use kubectl vsphere login in a machine that already has kubeconfig configured, changing context won’t work I’ve been doing alot of kubernetes and have collect
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Update AVI configuration in TKG 1.4

I needed to change the configuration of AVI / NSX ALB that is powering my TKG 1.4 cluster. The change is a downgrade since i’m seeing weird stuff on the new version of AVI i was using. In hindsight, i could have easily just recreated everything in my TKG cluster as it’s all scripted/ templated already but doing this steps would help you understand the integration works. so lets get started: In the Managem
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Remove Tanzu Mission Control Agent manually

Background: After detaching a Tanzu Workload cluster in TMC (Tanzu Mission Control), vmware-system-tmc namespace is still left in the workload cluster Quick Commands to complete the cleanup:
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Remove kubernetes namespace stuck in Terminating

Quick Post: Cause: This is because of a stuck resource in kubernetes. Solution: One way to get around this is to remove the finalizer spec to allow kubernetes in to clean-up the namespace. Steps: Dump the namespace spec in json format Edit the namespace.json and remove the finalizer portion in the spec. it should look like below From: to: Manually patch the namespace using the following command … and that’
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Expose kubernetes service using CloudFlare Argo Tunnel

Last February, I blogged how to use Inlets which allows you to expose your on-prem kubernetes cluster to the big bad internet using an exit node which is a public VPS. It works as it claims but this may not be for everyone as you need to pay extra $/mo for the public VPS. Like anything in IT- there’s many ways to skin a cat. Now, i’ll be detailing another way to achieve this using CloudFlare Argo Tunnel w
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Remove failed node in TKG after MachineHealth checks mark it failed

With Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster API implements Machine Health-Check that provides node health monitoring and node auto-repair for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. In action, what happens is it automatically consolidates the desired state with regards to node configuration in the event of failure. Saw this in action when power wen-out and caused one my worker nodes to be corrupted. As a response, the cluster-api provisio
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Goodbye Metallb – Hello AVI LB. How to use Avi LB on your on-prem kubernetes

NOTE: This post is based on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. If you are using other kubernetes release, installing/using AVI Kubernetes Operator manually should work. With the release of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid ( tkg 1.3), Avi Kubernetes Operator can be pre-configured as part of kubernetes cluster creation. This helps streamline setting up Type:LoadBalancer especially for on-prem kubernetes install. This is HUGE as it removes th
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