Taking vRealize Network Insight for a spin (installation and initial setup)

VMware’ re-branded Arkin software is now available from MyVmware website (actually, it”s been there since last March 2016). It is now named: vRealize Network Insight which helps provide visibility into your Software Defined Datacenter.
Since my homelab is getting huge (long overdue post on the current setup incoming!), this is a great opportunity to see how it feels.

The solution consists of two OVA: PLATFORM and PROXY.

First step, install the PLATFORM OVA (basic OVA install  –  no special steps). After installing, you’ll be greeted with the following screen:





Once you’ve activated the license, you need to generate a shared secret to be used by the PROXY VM.


Next, you need to deploy the PROXY OVA, on the last part – it will ask you to provide the shared key. Provide the key generated from the platform application.



Once this is done, you’ll be seeing the following message in the platform web:

Clicking Finish – the screen will now switch to a (sleek) login screen!


We login using the default credentials: admin@local : admin


On to the product!

We need to add data sources. Adding vCenter – it will also configure the Netflow configuration of the dvswitches.



After which, we are all set. I’ll let the application gather more data before I present the the rest of the application on my next post.



Thanks for reading!




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