Display ESG- Load Balancer statistics using Log Insight


As you may have known (or not) —  Edge Service Gateway provides the ability to perform Load Balancing functions similar full fledged Load Balancer. This function is based on (open-source) HA-Proxy and as such you can use simillar directives from HA-Proxy for ESG Load Balancer.

For this post, if you want to enable the capability to show the stats (VIP / Server Pool status, etc) in Log Insight, you need to do the following:

  1. Install NSX Management Pack for Log Insight (of course!)
  2. Enable Logging for the ESG -> and make it INFO level. IMPORTANT. By Default, the ESG logging is set to EMERGENCY only. This does not forward the needed information to display the log. You can access this by Clicking the ACTION button and CONFIGURE LOGGING (upper right– in line of the ESG Name).
  3. Enable Logging for the Load Balancer. It’s right together with the Enable service checkbox.


Thats it!

Will try to update post to show which areas im referring to.


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