Updating Gitlab from 10.7 to latest version

Ok. this took me awhile to out so wanted to share my experience in doing so.


  • Update my on-premise gitlab to atleast 10.8 to allow me to remote mirror my projects to github so i can have remote copy of the things i’m working on.
  • Update to the latest gitlab so i can have the latest goodies
  • Move gitlab from Ubuntu to CentOS. I’m standardizing my linux distro use to CentOS


  • As per gitlab documentation, you need to do the last minor revision first before updating to major revision . (eg. 10.7 to 10.8-> 11.x-> etc etc

According to gitlab: you need to do this involved process to do the upgrade: (ugh!)



Fortunately, found helpful links to the task:

Doing step upgrade

Using Ubuntu:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-cache policy gitlab-ce
  • apt-get install gitlab-ce=10.8.7-ce.0
  • Proceed to do upgrade per version

Migrate to new gitlab server:

Migrate Gitlab to new server

Lesson Learned:

Do not always follow the official documentation…

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