TKG 1.1.3 is out!

TKG 1.1.3 is out and with it brings an exciting change – NFS Tools is now included in the PhotonOS! This is big as it opens up ootb integration with shared storage. Previously, you need to mess with photonOS internal manually to make use of NFS for pods… and yeah -new K8S version too.

Now – time for an upgrade. Before that, lets do the pre-work

  • Upload both tkg OVA: kubernetes and haproxy and mark it as template
  • Download tkg cli to your controlVM (or.. basically machine that has docker running) and perform the following:
    • gzip -d tkg-linux-amd64-v1.1.3_vmware.1.gz
    • mv tkg-linux-amd64-v1.1.3_vmware.1 tkg
    • chmod +x tkg
    • mv tkg /usr/local/bin/
  • Verify tkg version

Upgrade steps:

tkg get management-cluster
Just press Y to update the config
tkg set management-cluster tkg
tkg get cluster --include-management-cluster

Proceed in upgrading tkg management cluster first

 tkg upgrade management-cluster tkg
Specify the name of the management cluster, press Y and let it rip

TKG would automatically upgrade the cluster. This involves cloning from the template and switching the config.

After upgrading the management cluster, it’s time to upgrade kubernetes provisioned clusters.

tkg upgrade cluster ldc
Specify cluster name

After confirming the upgrade, tkg will automatically upgrade the components

Once it’s done – you’re all set 🙂

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