Update AVI configuration in TKG 1.4

I needed to change the configuration of AVI / NSX ALB that is powering my TKG 1.4 cluster. The change is a downgrade since i’m seeing weird stuff on the new version of AVI i was using.

In hindsight, i could have easily just recreated everything in my TKG cluster as it’s all scripted/ templated already but doing this steps would help you understand the integration works.

so lets get started:

In the Management Cluster

  • Update/Check AkoDeploymentConfig. There’s a CRD that contains all the credentials location needed to connect to AVI Manager
kubectl get akodeploymentconfig 
  • If you’ve updated your AVI certificate and/or credential, update the following secret
kubectl get secret -n tkg-system-networking

In existing Workload Cluster

  • Manually update the ConfigMap in avi-system namespace

… and that’s it. All you need to do is delete the AKO the pods for the secret/config map to take effect.

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