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vCenter Orchestrator : Evaluation

Over the weekend, I reinstalled my home lab to vsphere 5.5. Wanting to automate as much as possible in managing my VM’s – I’ve decided to use vcenter orchestrator. Currently, automation are controlled via PowerShell scripts (more on this on a separate post). The problem with this is manageability/ portability. I wanted to make it more “universal”. Being completely clueless, decided to pl
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VSA : Advance Configuration and Customization for troubleshooting

Working with VSA, here are some gotchas and dvance configs to note when troubleshooting issues involving the setup. 1. Disable Proxy Arp in layer 3 if the VSA Manager and ESXi hosts are in different network. During VSA Cluster creation, the setup would ping each of the IP’s to be used by the appliance and NFS mounts. Since the proxy arp setting in the layer 3 “proxies” replies to any unused IP, this
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Building Home Lab 1.0

One advantage in living in a 1st world country: access to cheap 2nd hand hardware! Lurking in HW forums, I manage to snag some nice gear to build my ESXi Lab. I wanted to make it as close as what production setup would like configuration wise. In the end, here’s my configuration I used to prepare for my VCP-CLOUD certification: ESXi Host 5.1 (installed via USB): i3 2100 16GB Memory DDR3 Shared Storage:  Synolog
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VMWare Storage Appliance (VSA) – Deep Dive!

I had the opportunity to play around with VMWares VSA – Company’s primary offering for SMB and Remote Offices. It brings with it enterprise solution without the costly SAN component. In a nutshell, it uses servers local storage to act as “shared” that enables the cluster to have other solutions possible – vmotion, svmotion drs, to name a few. For a complete market descrition, I suggest y
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First Post. Brand new spanking theme.

Testing current theme. Still getting hang out of it. Trying to conceptualize the color scheme. Hopefully will be done by the week.   Oh yeah.. I’m preparing for DCD exam too. Goodluck to me   UPDATE: Just passed the exam ^^
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