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Setup Harbor Registry with Traefik as Ingress Controller and LetsEncrypt Certificate

For this post, I’ll document how to setup Harbor registry using Traefik as an ingress controller with a valid certificate from LetsEncrypt . Documentation around the topic is scattered in different places and people just assumes you’ll figure out the trivial details. So without further ado… let’s start with a quick pre-requisites. Pre-requisite As an image registry, Harbor needs to have a vali
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Expose your On-Prem Kubernetes to the Internet with Inlets!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with inlets/ openfaas. I bought inlets-pro license on my own as it’s a cool tech which answers limitations to my current home-lab setup. As with anyone running an on-premise Kubernetes, exposing services internally is straight forward process – setting up services/ ingress. voila! You got your application consumable by anyone internal to your network. Now to have it ac
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Salt Stack Enterprise Installation gotchas

New year.. new stack (get it?) For this year – I wanted to learn a new configuration management I’ve been using at home. Although ansible CLI has been good and dependable, AWX has left a bad taste. The high resource utilization and cumbersome way of installing in Kubernetes are good reason to look at other options. Good thing, being with VMware allows us to try the softwares that are currently in our solu
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Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) – Exam Tips

Happy New Year!Before the end 2020, I managed to pass the recently released Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS). It took two tries to pass it since the domain is a whole new beast compared to CKA-CKAD. In addition, studying for it was also a challenge since it was just released officially last November 2020. For people looking at how to prepare, here’s some general tips in preparing for the exam (wit
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Continuous deployment of Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster using Gitlab CICD

Quick demonstration of how to utilize tkg-cli and Gitlab CICD to provision kubernetes cluster. This allows anyone to provision/scale/delete kubernetes cluster by just committing a cluster definition to git – a common usecase when employing GitOps. Overview of how it’s done: Python script gets executed as part of the GitlabCICD which does a git diff to determine the appropriate action to perform Any files
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How to reuse a PersistentVolume/PV in Kubernetes

If you’re reading this – you either: sweating as you can’t recover a data from a POD that was using a PV or.. looking for ways to safely delete PODs without affecting storage stored in a PV Either way, came across the same dilemma while I was migrating my apps to argocd. Took awhile to search for this so I’m documenting for anyone wanted to have the solution. If the PV is already released, ski
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Run Pi-hole with exporter in Kubernetes

Ever since I’ve started running a home-lab, one service that has been a staple for me is Pi-hole. It’s fast, reliable and low foot print DNS server that also blocks adds. More information about Pi-hole here: https://pi-hole.net/ I’ve tried different iteration of installation: from linux install to my current setup, running as a container in a stand-alone docker host. Now, I’ve started switchin
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Web Development/ Gitlab CICD Experience

As a follow-up from my previous jenkins install, I decided to instead use gitlab to run my ci/cd pipeline due to the following reasons: Code and Jobs in one place feels more natural as execution automatically gets triggered in each code commit. No need to mess with plugins. Way easier to setup. Now, to have a real-world experience (or alteast close to it) I needed to have a good use case to apply it. Good thing my si
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TKG 1.1.3 is out!

TKG 1.1.3 is out and with it brings an exciting change – NFS Tools is now included in the PhotonOS! This is big as it opens up ootb integration with shared storage. Previously, you need to mess with photonOS internal manually to make use of NFS for pods… and yeah -new K8S version too. Now – time for an upgrade. Before that, lets do the pre-work Upload both tkg OVA: kubernetes and haproxy and mark it
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