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How to install ESXi/ vSphere in USB – EASY way!

Just wanted to share what I normally do when I need to reinstall/ install a new ESXi instance for my home lab. Normally, you have to use Rufus or any tools that can create a bootable USB. For me, I just use VMware Workstation to directly write to my USB. you just have to target the USB as the whole Physical Drive, mount the ISO, and install away! Steps: Create VM In the Wizard, use Entire Disk WARNING: Make sure to t
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How to change IP of vRealize Orchestrator

Quick post on how to change IP of vRealize Orchestrator via VAMI (Virtual Appliance Management Interface): 1. go to /opt/vmware/share/vami 2. Initiate ./vami_set_network <interface> STATICV4 <IP> <NETMASK> <GATEWAY>  
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vCenter Appliance stuck in Checking for Updates – Solution

Had a Customer where the vCenter Appliance is stuck at “Checking for updates” even after reboot. This caused if you try checking for updates without any internet. The solution is to initiate a manual process from within the vCenter Appliance console. Steps: 1. Log into Appliance with SSH  2. /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli update –check 3. /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli update –install latest –accepteu
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[TIP] How to get Login User DN for vRealize Identity Source

Don’t you just love entering the cryptic Login User DN when you Add a new Identity Source in vRealize Identity Source (or any other SSO source from VMware)? Yeah- me neither.   Here’s a sample Screen in vRealize Automation:   While Setting up, found a quick way to look this just from the AD Search. From the Search, click View -> Choose Columns, Add Distinguished Name column in the search resu
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Bricked WZR-HP-G300NH

ugh.. I was testing different DD-WRT builds on my Buffalo wzr-hp-g300nh and accidentally bricked it.   Good thing — i’m not alone in this and friendly post from below helped me recover it. (weee!)   Here’s the link: http://g300nh.blogspot.com/2010/06/firmware-flash-and-brick-recovery.html Take-away commands for the night: – netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors 12 00-1d-12-
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How To: vRealize Automation and AWS Integration

Over the week, I was asked to prepare a POC that uses vRealize Automation to provision AWS workloads. Being a AWS noob, I had to reference few articles to get this going. Here are the steps to help you: Using: vRealize Automation 6.2.1 AWS Sign-up Create an AWS Account. You’ll be needing Credit Card information for this. After the Account Creation – you need to wait a maximum of 24 hours before you can st
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Home Lab v2.0 : Upgrade PSU to Platinum

Upgraded PSU to Platinum 760Watts for my FreeNAS Storage. As the VM’s are growing, I can’t afford to loss any data due to bad power so I opted to upgrade the PSU  🙂     New PSU with younger brother (Platinum and Value-Series     Oh yeah.. and also, I hacked (literally) my PCI-E NIC card since it’s hitting one of the Heatsink >< (ghetto PCI-E to normal PCI conversion):  
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FreeNAS ZFS as NFS Datastore for VMware Benchmark

There have been numerous advancement in ZFS over the years and it’s time for me to revisit this just in time for my VMware Lab revamp (more on this in a future post!). My 3 year old Synology DS412+ is not just cutting it in keeping up with the workloads I’ve been churning in from the 3 x ESXi hosts. Previous Setup Synology DS412+ 3 x 2 TB WD RED running RAID5 1 x 1GB NIC serving NFS 1 x 1GB NIC for genera
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Home Lab v2.0 : Case Standardization

Previous case was fugly so figure to standardize it using Fractal cases. Oh boy are they pretty!!   Also threw in some MAX5 Quad Bay and Tougharmor so I could hot-swap 2.5 Disk via the 5.5 Bay. MAX5 (5.5 to 4x 2.5SSD) are for my ESXi Tougharmor (5.5 to 6x 2.5SSD) is for my FreeNAS box
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