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Simple vRealize Orchestrator Configuration

Didn’t realize there was an “easy” go-to button in vRealize Orchetrator to auto-configure the following: Import license Import certificated Configure SSO Configure vCenter Server Plugin   Just login to vRealize Orchestrator Configuration and setup the component manager lookup – VMware vRealize Orchestrator Configuration -> General -> vSphere Configuration
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Failed to run vdcpromo / Firstboot script execution error when installing additional external PSC – which log to look for

Ok. For people who keep getting this when installing additional PSCs:   Unfortunately, the logs that get’s dump in your local PC (where you initiate the installation) doesn’t provide enough information for you to troubleshoot this. The correct logs to look for would be inside the PSC appliance that gets deployed. SSH to the failed PSC installation Go to the following path:  /var/log/firstboot Look in
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Missing tab in vRealize Automation when using IE

Happy New Year! I’ve had experiences in the field where Users are seeing missing tabs when editing Blue prints, particularly Storage and Properties, is experienced when using Internet Explorer. Overall, weird experiences when using IE. Quick solution to this is: In IE, 1. Select Tools > Compatibility View settings. 2. Deselect Display intranet sites in Compatibility View. That’s it! Explanation: Appare
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Weekend Upgrade: ESXi and vCenter

Weekend upgrade in preparation for vRealize Automation 7. – Updated ESXi to latest – Updated vCenter to latest U1 version – Repointed to an External PSC This link details everything that you need to repoint/ leverage the new U1 feature of PSC repointing: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2015/10/reconfiguring-and-repointing-deployment-models-in-vcenter-server-6-0-update-1.html UPDATE: Of course, no u
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Send Email alert when SSH is enabled

Recently got a request to add Alarms + Email notification whenever SSH is enabled in the hosts for security audit purpose. Seems easy enough until you found out vSphere doesn’t ship with out-of-the-box alert for this kind of events. Fortunately, William Lam has a good reference for vCenter VOB alarms that you can use to define the event. One of those alarm is: esx.audit.ssh.enabled Which triggers when SSH is en
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How to use PowerShell to send REST-API calls to vRA

Doing REST API calls via Powershell is straight forward using the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet. Using the examples from inkysea’s blogpost, I’ll be showing how to do this calls to vRA using Powershell. To start off, we need to define the header and the body payload   After which, we define the URI/ vRA URL to pass the REST payload We then invoke the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet ConvertTo-Json was done in $bo
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Homelab v 3.0 – “Hyper-converged” machine

3 weeks ago i decided to bite the bullet in building a new iteration of my homelab. Maintaining 4 separate machines (see Homelab v 2.0) is starting to be a burden as most of my time is spent  maintaining the hardware. With inspiration from /r/homelab (reddit.com), I wanted to  build an  “all-in-one” machine – with as much memory as possible. Put enough compute in one machine and just create nested E
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Free trusted CA!

Good news! https://letsencrypt.org/2015/10/19/lets-encrypt-is-trusted.html
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Homelab v 2.0 : The Specs

Posting my long overdue specs I use for homelab.  Current iteration served me well in simulating customer scenario and playing with different specs. This are built from (mostly) commercially available components. Items are picked so i can do VSAN simulations as well. Hypervisor ESXi01 i5 2400 32GB Memory P8Z77-M Pro LSI 9211-4i (1 x 128GB SSD, 1 x 500GB SATA) Intel Quad-port NIC ESXi02 i5 2400 32GB Memory P8H67-M LSI
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