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Connecting a VPN between AWS and VMware NSX

Connecting a VPN between AWS and VMware NSX – VMGuru Connecting a VPN between AWS and VMware NSX Amazon Web Services has a few ways of giving you connectivity: internet, Direct Connect (a physical line) and VPN. While AWS has a ton of examples for firewall/VPN vendors, there is none for connecting with NSX. I needed to connect a NSX network with AWS for a proof of concept and had to figure out how to configure
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vExpert 2017 Applications are Now Open!

vExpert 2017 Applications are Now Open! – VMTN Blog vExpert 2017 Applications are Now Open! Applications for the 2017 vExpert program are now open. Applications will be accepted until December 16th at midnight PDT. The vExpert 2017 announcement will be on February 8th 2016. Current 2016 vExperts need to apply through the fastrack application only. VMware Social Media Advocacy
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VMware Honored for Professional Services…

VMware Honored for Professional Service Innovation & Excellence by Tech Services Industry Association -VMware Radius VMware Honored for Professional Services… VMware Professional Services is the 2016 Award Winner for Innovation in Enabling Customer Outcomes at the Technology Services World Conference. VMware Social Media Advocacy
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Back online!

whew. Blog is now back-online after almost a week of being down. I had to migrate the site to a new hosting as the last one is not just cutting it.   Cheers!
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Adding Storage wizard takes awhile to populate ? Don’t Fret!

Ok. We recently experience this when adding new storage on ESXi host takes awhile when you have multiple “new” LUNs presented on the host. The setup is common for environments with LUN replication and you would be attaching the LUNs manually on the DR site. Apparently, this is normal as ESXi is making sure that the “new” LUNs is not owned by anyone. In the wizard, it takes 30 seconds per Datas
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Homelab v 3.0 – UPDATE with Network Diagram

It’s been awhile since I posted my revamp home lab. Since then, there have been alot of changes on the setup. First off, I decided to build another Supermicro machine to act as a “DR” site for my main rig. This is where I simulate replication from my main rig. The specs of the DR rig: Supermicro X9SRi-F 1 x Xeon E5-2650L (ES) 128GB RAM 1 x 512GB Samsung 850 PRO   Next, I got a shared storage: S
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Taking vRealize Network Insight for a spin (installation and initial setup)

VMware’ re-branded Arkin software is now available from MyVmware website (actually, it”s been there since last March 2016). It is now named: vRealize Network Insight which helps provide visibility into your Software Defined Datacenter. Since my homelab is getting huge (long overdue post on the current setup incoming!), this is a great opportunity to see how it feels. The solution consists of two OVA: PLAT
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Quick Post: One-Liner PowerCLI to get vSphere Replication Statistics

Recently had a request to provide statistics/ script-out the data that is exposed by vSphere Replication report tab. Based from a post from Virtu-al, you can get the transferred bytes from one of the Arguments value in the Completed Event. Here’s a quick one liner to expose all the events.   Get-VIEvent -MaxSamples ([int]::MaxValue) | Where { $_.EventTypeId -match “hbr|rpo” } | Select CreatedTi
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Using vRealize Orchestrator to execute REST operation (MAKER IFTTT)

In this post, I’ll try to (quickly) document how to execute a REST operation using vRO (vRealize Orchestrator). For this example, I’ll be using IFTTT Maker event. Things you need: IFTTT Account (https://ifttt.com) Configured Maker Channel Configured vRealize Orchestrator   First, Add a REST Host Operation using vRO   After you’ve added the host, next step is to Add a REST operation NOTE: &
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