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Updating Gitlab from 10.7 to latest version

Ok. this took me awhile to out so wanted to share my experience in doing so. Objective:  Update my on-premise gitlab to atleast 10.8 to allow me to remote mirror my projects to github so i can have remote copy of the things i’m working on. Update to the latest gitlab so i can have the latest goodies Move gitlab from Ubuntu to CentOS. I’m standardizing my linux distro use to CentOS Constraints: As per gitl
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How to get NSX Load Balancer Persistency table

Here’s a quick way on how to get NSX Load Balancer (ESG) Persistency Table: Execute: show service loadbalancer table Take note of the one with TYPE: ip (if using IPV4) Execute: show service loadbalancer table <table name with type IP>   Why would you want to get it? Troubleshooting purpose.    
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Display ESG- Load Balancer statistics using Log Insight

Hello! As you may have known (or not) —  Edge Service Gateway provides the ability to perform Load Balancing functions similar full fledged Load Balancer. This function is based on (open-source) HA-Proxy and as such you can use simillar directives from HA-Proxy for ESG Load Balancer. For this post, if you want to enable the capability to show the stats (VIP / Server Pool status, etc) in Log Insight, you need to
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How to use Ansible to orchestrate vSphere Environment

I’ve been doing alot of Linux stuff lately and have been playing with Ansible to create a hosts setup for my Kubernetes nodes. Now, since i’m still at the ‘try-till-you-break-the-environment’ stage, using VMware snapshot has been very valuable to me. No need to reinstall or “oops moment” for me. Originally, I’ve been doing snapshot manually from the WebClient but it’s g
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How to uninstall NSX-T kernel module for ESXi 6.5 manually

Long time no post. I’ve been playing around NSX-T and encounter a situation where uninstall won’t work from the NSX-Manager so I had to uninstall the kernel modules manually. Unfortunately, it’s not a straight-forward ordeal since there are a multiple VIBs included in the software bundle and dependencies are intertwined. Anyway, managed to deal with it and here’s the sequence of how i did it.
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DevOps/ Container Jargons to a VMware Admin

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing testing in the DevOps/ Open Source space just to break the monotony of working with anything V*. Specifically, I’ve been doing alot of: CoreOS, RancherOS, K8S, Docker/ Container in my spare time and I wanted to correlate the jargons in the area with that of VMware to help newcomers (like me) easily grasp the concepts. So here’s a quick list of what I’ve lea
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VMware Fun Facts 2017

VMware Fun Facts 2017 VMware Fun Facts 2017 VMware started with 5 people in 1998 and now has over 20,000 people. Take a quick tour of VMware’s history with this fun facts animation. Learn more about life at VMware: https://careers.vmware.com/ http://facebook.com/vmwarecareers http://twitter.com/vmwarecareers http://instagram.com/vmwarecareers https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/2988/life/ VMware Social Media
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Create vc_update_repo using MS IIS

Long time no post. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to update my homelab to 6.5U1 and wanted to use a REPO for a quick way to do it since the lab consists of 4 components (2xVC; 2xPSCs). I dont to trouble myself in using LINUX so i just went ahead in using MS IIS. Doing this is straight forward – Enable IIS – Create Virtual DIrectory – Dump the UPDATE ZIP into the Virtual Directory via the local path
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Automated Workload Balance

Automated Workload Balance Automated Workload Balance Welcome to your lights-out datacenter! With vRealize Operation 6.6 automated workload balance is easier and more controllable than ever. This latest release of vRealize Operation gives you the ability to balance workloads across clusters and datastores, simple controls to govern how much balance you want based on your business needs, three ways to activate it The
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